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In many places in the world it is difficult to get basic or advanced healthcare, for a variety

of reasons, for example, the lack of electricity, in war zones and so on.

Mobile medical containers can offer a solution in those situations. 

These mobile medical units are easy to transport and easy to install.


Esse3 is specialized in building mobile medical shelter that are as cost-efficient as possible.

This can increase the accessibility of medical care and is possible to set up our mobile

medical containers for, among others, dentistry, blood donation, X-ray and many more.


Mobile medical containers for multiple solutions:

The mobile medical containers can be applied in many different solutions and are

customizable by your requests.


2 products in Ambulances:

  • ICU and First aid Ambulance
  • 4x4 Wheel drive 
  • Reinforced backbone structure
  • Centralized oxyge system
  • Central ceiling panel
  • Furniture right and left side wall
  • Emergency Ambulance
  • Front and rear spoiler monoblock
  • Side electric footboards
  • Control panel in the driver's cab
  • Reinforced structure
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